1st place, 6 playoffs, Busan I’Park

Busan I’Park is one of the most prestigious clubs representing the K-League. Founded in 1979, Busan I’Park boasts a brilliant history. Busan has won the K-League 1 title four times and also won the FA Cup once.

Busan, a famous club, suffered a shocking demotion in the 2015 season. At the time, Busan had to sit 11th out of 12 teams with five wins, 11 draws and 22 losses (26 points), and play the promotion playoff. In the promotion playoff, Busan met Suwon FC and lost 0-1 in the first round and 0-2 in the second round. Busan suffered the humiliation of being demoted for the first time in the history of a corporate team. 스포츠토토

Since then, Busan has made ceaseless efforts to return to the first division. It has played in six promotion playoffs alone. It achieved promotion to the K-League 1 in the 2019 season, but was immediately demoted in the 2020 season. It was able to achieve direct promotion to the first place this season, but was pushed to the playoff stage as it tied with Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government 1-1 in the final match. As a result, Busan became the victim of Suwon FC’s great reversal.

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