Twelve promising Korean swimmers have traveled to Israel to compete at the 2023 World Junior Championships.The junior national team, led by Hwang Sung-tae, a former national under-19 management athlete, and coaches Kim Byung-gil and Lee Sung-chul, departed late in the afternoon on Aug. 31.The 2023 World Junior Championships, for athletes aged 14 to 18, will be held in Netanya, Israel, from Sept. 4 to 9.Korea will be represented by 12 athletes, six men and six women, who were selected based on the top aqua point rankings in their respective events. On the men’s side, Park Chan-wook (junior, Shinseong High School, Cheongju) will compete in the breaststroke, Noh Min-kyu (freshman, Gyeonggi High School, Seoul) in the individual medley and Kim Jun-woo (freshman, Gwangseong High School, Seoul) in the freestyle for the second consecutive year. Yoon Ji-hwan (sophomore, Gangwon Cheongdo) will compete in the backstroke, Gong Min-hyuk (junior, Seoul Cheongdo) in the butterfly and Lee Ji-hyung (junior, Incheon Cheongdo) in the individual medley for the first time.On the women’s side, Kwon Da-ae (junior, Seoul Gymnasium), Song Jae-yoon (freshman, Seoul Gymnasium), Park Si-eun (freshman, Gangwon Gymnasium), Kim Bo-min (freshman, Gyeonggi Gamil High School), Kim Do-yeon (junior, Jeonbuk), and Lee Seo-ah (junior, Jeonbuk) have been selected to represent Korea in the freestyle, breaststroke, and individual medley Last year in Peru, Yang Ha-jung (Daejeon Cheego) finished third in the women’s 100-meter butterfly, giving Korea its first medal at the World Junior Championships. “The entire squad has been focusing on high-intensity training during the summer training camp, so we are looking forward to seeing new medalists and promising swimmers this year as well as last year,” said 카지노사이트 Hwang Sung-tae.

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