Wow! Hwang Hee-chan and Son Heung-min rank 1st and 2nd overall in EPL goal determination…”Is this how good Korean guys are?”

Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan’s performance this season is great. Son Heung-min is in second place in the Premier League scoring ranking and Hwang Hee-chan in fourth place (joint). Son Heung-min leads Tottenham and Hwang Hee-chan leads Wolverhampton attacks, and they are the only top scorer in the team.

Starting with the match against Burnley on September 2, Son Heung-min, who was placed on the one-top, showed full-fledged destructive power and led the team’s attack. Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick against Burnley, including a season-long goal, to clean up his slump last season.

Son Heung-min, who started as a left wing until the third round, replaced Brazilian striker Hisharlisson as a front-line striker in the match against Burnley. Standing in the center, Son Heung-min spread his wings wide. In the 16th minute of the first half, when he was trailing 0-1, he received a pass from left flanker Manor Solomon and scored an equalizer with a chip shot over the height in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. Afterwards, he added two more goals in the second half to complete the hat trick, and completely blew away the regret of not having scored in the previous third round.

He went scoreless in the ensuing match against Sheffield, but once again scored against Arsenal. Son Heung-min scored twice in balance whenever the team lost a point, helping the team win one point in Arsenal’s away game.

He scored against Liverpool. Son Heung-min, who played again as a one-top, passed in the 36th minute of the first half when Madison confirmed Hisharlisson’s penetration, and Hisharlisson immediately crossed, and Son Heung-min, who was rushing in front of the gate, lightly turned it around and shook the Liverpool net. 스포츠토토사이트

Hwang Hee-chan’s performance is also not lagging behind. Hwang Hee-chan played as a substitute in the first two games of the season, but he began to improve his performance by scoring a goal after playing as a substitute against Brighton. However, he suffered a hamstring injury while starting against Everton in the third round of the league, which left fans sad.

However, it did not take long for him to return to injury. Hwang Hee-chan played in the fourth-round Crystal Palace away game just before the A match period and played as a substitute in the second half and scored a header in a set piece situation.

Hwang Hee-chan, who returned from the A-match period in September, scored the first goal in the first seven minutes against Liverpool, showing a strong scoring sense. Hwang Hee-chan immediately penetrated Alisson and defenders while they were late to cope with the cross and tried to shoot with his right foot, and Alisson seemed to block the shot, but the ball had already crossed the goal line.

Hwang Hee-chan was silent against Luton Town after scoring against Liverpool, but later scored in three consecutive matches, including the Football League Cup (EFL) against Ipswich Town, the match against Manchester City and the match against Aston Villa, and was active as the team’s main gun.

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