The Selbst cruises to NAPT Mohegan Sun title

Minutes before the final tables opened at the North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun Main Event on Sunday, finalist Alistar Melville asked how long these final tables usually take.

“It varies,” I told him. “Sometimes it only takes a few hours. Sometimes it takes 16 or 17 hours.”

“Oh dear,” Melville replied when he picked up the 17-hour count. He then wore a microphone and headed to the final table to play for the $750,000 first prize.

Luckily for Melville, or unfortunately for you, the final table only took six hours to play. And when the final table ended, poker expert and Yale Law School predecessor Vanessa Selbst walked away with a relatively easy win and $750,000.

“This is the biggest win of my career,” said the winner of the $1,500 Port Limited Omaha Tournament in 2008 World Series Poker.

“I know bracelets are prestigious,” Selvst explained. “But the win was $231 (about W1,000), which was $750 (about W1,000). The money said.” 스포츠토토

Selbst was really challenged at the last table, and it was clear why it was on her mind.

“So (yesterday) I was going to call (the) ace-five vs. five-six,” Selvst said, referring to the hand that eliminated Allen Sternberg on Saturday. With that hand, Sternberg was all-in for $1.6 million in 5s-6s. Selvst called Ah-5c for the win.

“First of all, it was the right decision,” Selvst explained. “But it makes me think twice before other players call me. I want them to know that they are putting their tournament lives at risk.”

Selvst went on to say that he saw some wrinkles today as a result of the play yesterday.

Selvst says she is sure she will graduate with a year left from law school. But she doesn’t know what her poker career will look like in the future.

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