The referee said, “I admit it’s a mistake”

Liverpool of the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) was robbed of its goal due to a clear “offside misjudgment,” resulting in a bitter defeat.

Liverpool lost 1-2 against Tottenham in the seventh round of the 2023-2024 EPL at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) amid bad news that two players were sent off.

In the match, Tottenham’s “captain” Son Heung-min scored in the 36th minute of the first half with the help of Hicharlissong, tasting the joy of achieving his 200th career goal on the European stage.

In addition, Tottenham, which has been unbeaten in the opening seven games (5 wins and 2 draws), has the same points (17 points) and goal difference (+9) as Arsenal, but has risen to second place with two goals ahead of them in multiple points.

However, Liverpool experienced the worst misjudgment and had to suffer their first loss of the season in seven games. 스포츠토토

Liverpool scored near the right side of the goal area in the 34th minute when Luis Díaz caught Muhammad Salah’s penetrating pass. But the deputy picked up the offside flag.

Immediately after the score, VAR referees checked the offside situation, but the referee admitted the offside as it was. The offside decision was ambiguous just by the scene on the broadcast screen, but he did not accept it.

As a result, Liverpool lost 1-2, and if Díaz’s score was recognized, he could have won one point, but he failed to do so and lost the point.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, who was sent off by two players after the game and even scored due to offside misjudgment, said, “I’ve never seen a game played in such an unfair situation. It was a really crazy decision,” he said, unable to hold back his anger.

The PGMOL also pointed out that the offside decision was a clear misjudgment.

PGMOL said in a statement, “We acknowledge that there was a major referee error in the first half of the game between Tottenham and Liverpool,” adding, “Dias’s score was not recognized by the referees on the ground. It was a situation where VAR had to get involved and admit it as a score, but it was a clear mistake that it failed to do so.

As a result, VAR’s intervention was not properly carried out. PGMOL will fully review the process by which these mistakes were made, he added.

According to ESPN, Díaz’s offside situation resulted from a miscommunication between the referee and the VAR referee.

The VAR referee thought the referee recognized Díaz’s goal as a goal, so he signaled that the check was over, and the referee decided it was offside, judging that “the assistant referee’s offside decision was correct.”

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