The reason why everyone looked at one place and laughed is because”

In October, the 2022 LPGA Tour BMW Ladies Championship (total prize money of $2 million) was held at Oak Valley Country Club (par 72, 6,647 yards) in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

As it is the only LPGA tournament in Korea, many world-class star players participated, and Korea’s representative Ko Jin-young, Kim Hyo-joo, Choi Hye-jin, Lee Mi-hyang, Kim In-kyung, Lee Jung-eun 6, Shin Ji-eun, Yoo So-yeon, Yang Hee-young, Park Sung-hyun, Choi Na-na-rin, Kim Ah-rim, and Ji-hee Kim Se-young participated. 바카라사이트

Due to COVID-19, more spectators gathered to see the players’ play in person because it was the first tournament in three years in a game without spectators.

Ko Jin-young, Choi Hye-jin, Kim Se-young, Lee Jung-eun 6, Choi Un-jung, and Kim Hyo-joo, who played in the LPGA, attracted more and more fans. For South Korean players heading to the second shot after hitting a tee shot, the galleries seemed like an idol concert hall, shouting more enthusiastic applause and player names.

Galleries that saw players playing directly in the LPGA for the first time in three years cheered many players, and Korean players who saw such galleries responded to fans’ cheers with smiles and waving hands. Domestic players said, “Many galleries support overseas tours, but it is hard to find such a hot cheering fever.” “It feels like I’m at my hometown.”

Thanks to the support of Korean galleries, Choi Hye-jin and Kim Hyo-joo tied for third with 16-under 272, amateurs Kim Min-sol and Hong Ye-eun tied for 10th with 10-under 278, Kim Se-young tied for 17th with 8-under 280, Ji Eun-hee and Kim A-rim tied for 19th with 7-under 282, and Choi Un-jung tied for 286 with Choi Hye-ji.

Meanwhile, Lydia Ko, a Korean-American from New Zealand who is about to marry Hyundai Card Vice Chairman Chung Tae-young in December, won her first championship on Korean soil with 18 wins in her career.

Lydia Ko, who won the championship for the first time on Korean soil, poses with a trophy.

In the final fourth round of the 2022 LPGA Tour BMW Ladies Championship (total prize money of $2 million), Lydia Ko shot a 7-under 65 with eight birdies and one bogey, and won the final total with a 21-under 267.

She has won 18 games in nine months since Gainbridge LPGA at the end of January. He easily beat second-place Andrea Lee (U.S., 17-under 271) by four strokes.

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