The last ball is 101.5 miles… Skins, the No. 1 prospect, showed off his power, but his team lost

Pittsburgh Pirates right-hander Paul Skins, the No. 1 prospect in the 2023 draft, once again showed a powerful pitch, but the team wasted it.

Skins started the home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), and allowed six hits, one homer, one walk, eight strikeouts and one run in seven innings.

He threw a total of 98 pitches, 69 of which were recorded as strikes. His ERA dropped to 2.14.

He allowed a home run over the right fence on the first pitch to the first batter, Yandy Diaz, but he has not allowed an additional run since then. 토토사이트 순위

There were some crises but they overcame them. After hitting a homer in the first inning, Josh Lowe allowed a double to the right field, but the batter handled the bases. In the third inning, with the bases loaded with one out, Isaac Paredis was hit with a double play and no run was lost.

On the day, Skins threw a four-seam fastball with an average speed of 99.4 miles, a splitter with 93.9 miles, and a curve and slider. Of the 53 swings, 13 or 24 percent were swings and misses.

He struck out Alex Jackson, the last batter, in the seventh inning with a swing and miss, and recorded the fastest 101.5 miles in the game. Twenty-nine thousand 26 spectators at PNC Park paid tribute to him with a standing ovation.

His team failed to take advantage of his quality pitching. Except for Brian Reynolds’ solo home run in the fourth inning, Pittsburgh’s batters failed to score a point and allowed two runs in the top of the eighth inning, ultimately losing 1-3.

Colin Holderman, who took over the mound in the top of the eighth inning, allowed three hits and a walk, allowing two runs, becoming a losing pitcher.

The batters remained silent until the end. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Kibrian Hayes’ double play with one out and runners on first base was found to have not stepped on the base by Rich Palacios, the opponent team’s second baseman, but failed to make good use of it.

Tampa Bay’s starting pitcher Aaron Civole also pitched well. He allowed three hits, one homer, one walk, three strikeouts and one run during five innings, blocking the rival team’s showdown. The bullpen continued its scoreless pitching.

Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Pirates also had hits in Gyeonggi Province on the day, extending his hitting streak to 20 games. He is the first player to have a hit in 20 consecutive games in a single season since Jason Kendall in 2004.

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