Bowling is known by the names of bowling, skittle, killing, ninepin, Dutchpin, and quill. The word bowl may have originated from Saxon bola, which originally meant “bubble,” but later came to have a spherical meaning. Today, it is one of the most played games, and people prefer bowling to playing it on the computer. It’s a game that needs dexterity in its originality. It’s a Game of the Century! Bowling is one of the most popular team sports these days. The interactive and competitive game requires a lot of skill and dexterity to play properly, which is a quality that can be improved for exercise and practice! 슬롯머신

Bowling is a sport in which a ball is rolled toward a pin or other target. The term bowling usually means ten-pin bowling, but in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries bowling can also mean grassball. Ten Pins, also known as Ten Pins, is a game in which a heavy ball rolls down a long narrow lane toward objects known as pins, aiming to knock down more pins than its opponent. In addition, it is very important to mention that balance is one of the basics when bowling. Even if your body feels tense, your body should balance from one point to another so that you can focus your energy on a particular point.


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