Manchester United’s ‘£115 million’ EPL highest transfer fee will be renewed…The new owner is also approved for recruitment!

Manchester United, which has been in a crisis with poor performance since the beginning of the season, is facing a change. The long and long sale of the club is over. British chairman Jim Ratcliffe has agreed to buy a 25% stake in Manchester United, and an official announcement will be made soon.

Ratcliffe, who will become the new owner, will start working on the club’s management related to recruiting players and has chosen Ferguson as a new striker to lead Manchester United’s revival.

England’s “Team Talk” said on the 19th (Korea time), “Coach Ten Ha-ch has been criticized for his recent poor performance. However, Ratcliffe said, “I believe Ten Ha-ch is the right person to lead Manchester United and I have approved Ferguson.”

Ferguson is from Ireland and has already attracted the attention of many big clubs. He is a super-large prospect who seeks to score by utilizing his outstanding physical conditions. It has a high purity scoring ability and connection ability using both feet. Ferguson made his Premier League debut in the 2020-21 season and has scored five goals in 11 league games this season.

Brighton identified Ferguson’s potential early on and even re-signed. Brighton officially announced the renewal of his contract with Ferguson on the 11th. The contract runs until 2029.

The renewal of his contract required a huge amount of money to sign Ferguson. Still, Ratcliffe has expressed his willingness to sign Ferguson. 카지노사이트 순위

The media said, “Brighton sold Moises Caicedo (Chelsea) and made a Premier League record of 115 million pounds (about 185 billion won). Ferguson also wants the same amount, and Ratcliffe is willing to make an investment.

This is because Manchester United has a lot of regrets about the offense. Rasmus Hoyleun has yet to play in the league, while Marcus Rashford is also sluggish. Jadon Sancho and Antony Marshall are in fact in need of a reorganization of their strikers due to non-power resources.

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