“Kim Minjae is not here”…Bundesliga Best 11 → Bayern Munich 7 players selected

German transfer media TransferMarkt selected and introduced the best 11 players, consisting of high market value players, among players playing in the Bundesliga on the 19th (Korea Standard Time). Among the best 11, seven Bayern Munich players were the most. Bayern Munich, which is aiming for its 12th consecutive Bundesliga title, is unbeaten this season with five wins and two draws (17 points), but remains third in the league. 스포츠토토

Kane (Bayern Munich), Zane (Bayern Munich) and Simmons (Leipzig) were selected as the best 11 strikers with high market value in the Bundesliga. The midfielders included Birz (Bayer Leverkusen), Musiala (Bayern Munich), and Kimmich (Bayern Munich), while the defense was built by Davis (Bayern Munich), De Ligt (Bayern Munich), Upamecano (Bayern Munich), and Frimpong (Bayerkusen). Kovell (Dortmund) was named as the goalkeeper.

The total market value of Best 11, which has a high market value in the Bundesliga, was 805 million euros. Among the best 11, Kane’s market value was the highest at 110 million euros.

Kim Min-jae, a key defender of Bayern Munich this season, was not included in the best 11. While Kim Min-jae’s market value was valued at 60 million euros, Bayern Munich’s center backs DeLigt and Upamecano were included in the best 11 instead of Kim Min-jae. The market value of Detrit and Upamecano was set at 70 million pounds and 60 million pounds, respectively.

Bayern Munich is suffering from a shortage of center backs this season. DeLigt has been sidelined since suffering a knee injury against Bochum last month. Upamecano is expected to be unable to play until next month’s A match break due to a muscle injury. Of the three center backs held by Bayern Munich, only Kim Min-jae remains in normal condition.

Bayern Munich will play an away match in the eighth round of the Bundesliga in the 2023-24 season against Mainz on the 21st. Bayern Munich will have to play seven games every three to four days, with Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League matches alternating until the 11th of next month. Kim Min-jae, who is forced to force in Bayern Munich along with the lack of center backs, said, “There is no player who is not difficult. Everyone is having a hard time,” he said. “I played a lot of games for Napoli last season as well. I will take good care of my body and perform without injury,” he said.

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