Hwang Ui-jo Announces ‘Second Attack’ Position… Law Experts Say “Unfair Acts”

While Hwang Ui-jo, a former national soccer team member accused of illegally filming sex videos, was found to have recorded his exposure without consent while making a video call with another woman, legal experts have expressed their position on Hwang Ui-jo’s “second abuse.”

In “YTN The News” on the 5th, lawyer Son Jung-hye said, “Even if the direct action came out through a statement or something like this through a lawyer, if Hwang Ui-jo knew this or agreed to announce a statement asking him to do this while knowing it, Hwang’s responsibility will be greatly increased.”

Earlier, Hwang’s legal representative’s recent statement said that the victim was a married broadcaster and that the victim could be identified.

“What victims of sexual violence are most afraid of is fear of their identity being exposed,” lawyer Son said. “If some of the victims’ identities are leaked to the outside, there are many factors that will be evaluated as ’caused damage during the agreement’ and ‘the quality of crime is not good after the crime’ due to the second offense.”

He also stressed that “information that can identify victims, such as addresses, ages, names, and photos, should not be disclosed through SNS, newspapers, or broadcasts.”

Of course, the leakage of job or basic personal information did not specify who it was, but it was not necessary information to defend themselves, but the victim’s secret was leaked, he pointed out. 카지노사이트

Lee Soo-jung, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyunggi University, also said last month, “It is a secondary act of assault to identify a victim and make her socially criticized,” adding, “If identification is specified, the identity of the woman there will be revealed. It would be difficult to do so without intention to disclose it like threatening through a legal representative.”

The police will review whether punishment is possible under the Special Act on Sexual Violence for Hwang’s alleged secondary assault.

Regarding the exposure of the victim’s status to Hwang’s alleged illegal filming, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, “If Hwang himself or a law firm is responsible for secondary harm, we will also investigate the part extensively.”

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