Heo Kyung-min collapses after being hit by a pitch

Heo Kyung-min collapses after being hit by a pitch, and Eredia watches nervously, expressing her happiness.

‘I was surprised, it was so dangerous’ As Heo Kyung-min, the third baseman who collapsed after being hit by a hard-hit ball, got back up with a hand over his face, Heredia, the batter, approached him with an apologetic expression.

It was the final home game of the Doosan Bears’ regular season at Jamsil Stadium on the 16th. It was a crucial game for the Bears, who could move up from fifth to third place depending on the outcome of the remaining two games against SSG Landers. The result was a disappointing 3-2 loss. With fifth place in the regular season secured, Doosan advanced to the Fall Baseball Wild Card Decision Game.

In the top of the seventh inning, when Doosan was trailing by one run at 2-1, a pitch caught both teams by surprise. With runners on first and second, SSG Heredia pulled hard on a 2B 2S 5-pitch 136km slider from Doosan’s Hong Gun-hee. The pitch hit the center of the bat and flew toward third base with tremendous speed. Heo Kyung-min, who was playing defense, brought his glove to the ball, but it was too fast. The ball hit him in the face and fell to the ground, allowing Heredia to advance to second base while Park Sung-seong, the second baseman, took home.

After being hit by the hard hit ball, Heo fell to the ground and couldn’t get up due to the pain. Surprised, Coach Cho Sung-hwan and a trainer rushed to third base to check on the downed Heo. SSG coaches Kim Min-jae and Cho Won-woo, 바카라사이트 as well as Han Yusum and hitter Eredia, also approached the third base and worried about Heo Kyung-min. The two teams were in a fierce standings battle, but they were united in the face of the injury.

As the medical staff checked on him in pain, the outfield fence opened and an ambulance pulled into the field, and Heo was helped to his feet. When he got up without any major injuries, everyone was stunned.

Heredia, who had been watching her teammate nervously as he fell to the ground after being hit by a pitch, also brightened up.

After recovering from the hard hit to the face without any major injuries, Heo playfully signaled to Eredia, who apologized profusely, that she was fine.

He got up clutching his face and was substituted for player protection.

After the game, captain Heo Kyung-min, who also attended the final home game ceremony, said, “Thank you for your support throughout the season. I will do my best to come back to the fall baseball locker room.” He expressed his ambition.

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