Building a dome stadium with more than 30,000 seats and an exhibition hall of 90,000㎡ in Jamsil

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 21st that it held a meeting of representative negotiators with Seoul Smart My’s Park, a preferred bidder for the private investment project (tentative name) to create a complex space for Jamsil and Sports My’s (MICE) on the 30th.

The Jamsil Private Placement Project is a project to create a combination of sports and mice facilities such as baseball fields, exhibition convention centers, and sports complexes around the Jamsil Stadium, and business, lodging, and commercial facilities to support them, and has been pushing for comprehensive negotiations since March last year.

Regarding architecture and facility planning, a dome stadium with more than 30,000 seats in connection with the hotel will be created at the current ballpark location. In order to rearrange the facilities in the complex and upgrade the exhibition and convention functions, the area of the exhibition hall was confirmed to be 90,000㎡.

The entrance to the sports complex station of Subway Line 2 connects the ground space with commercial facilities underground through a Seongkung (open underground). A square twice the size of Seoul Plaza will be created on the ground level, and a walking space 50 meters wide will be installed to the main stadium.

Inside the exhibition convention facility, a waiting space for cargo vehicles of about 21,000 square meters will be created for the first time in Korea so that exhibition trucks waiting on external roads before and after the exhibition can enter the complex.

In addition, the circular road built underground of Jamsil Main Stadium and the underground parking lot of each facility are connected to ensure that the entire complex is efficiently connected to the surrounding four main roads.

They also agreed to transparently manage profitable facilities in the complex, such as business, lodging, and commercial facilities, so that the city can recover the appropriate amount in case of excess income during the operation period.

Every year, the performance of the operation is submitted to the city to confirm its appropriateness, and every certain period of time, the operator of each facility is selected through competitive bidding to ensure that the soundness of the private operation is self-verified through the market.

In addition, they agreed to internalize a verification system in which competitors from each industry participate in each facility to institutionalize it for the first time so that excessive profits do not fall to operators.

In order to secure the publicity of exhibition and convention, it will establish and operate a separate corporation in which the city or city-funded or funded institutions participate in a majority stake. 슬롯머신

In order to use it as a space that can be used not only by facility users but also by ordinary citizens, the complex will have a number of Han River observation decks, skywalks, and nature-friendly shelters that can be used by all citizens.

For example, the Han River Observatory will be installed at a five-star hotel, while a terrace-shaped space will be created at the exhibition and convention center and dome stadium. The government plans to build a skywalk on the roof of the sports complex.

Through a meeting of representative negotiators, the city and the preferred bidder decided to prepare an implementation agreement (draft) by June next year and sign an implementation agreement by the end of the same year so that the private investment project can be carried out as soon as possible.

Yeo Jang-kwon, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s balanced development division, said, “The Jamsil Private Investment Project is a special project that develops eight main facilities and accessories in a complex manner,” adding, “By introducing competitive bidding for the first time for the private investment project, we have established a standard to secure operational transparency through verification by industry experts, and we expect that this will speed up the signing of implementation agreements in the future.”

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