“After Lee Jung-hoo’s contract actually contained 27.2 billion more,” on what grounds? Opt-out 4 years later is a huge right

In an article titled “The Giants finally made an FA investment after Lee Jung-hoo,” Major League statistics media FanGraphs analyzed and evaluated the actual value after calculating Lee Jung-hoo’s six-year expected record on the 14th (Korea time).

Eric Longenhagen, a baseball statistics expert who wrote the article, said, “Lee had a 0.340/0.407/0.491 slash line in his career in the KBO League. Over the past two years, he posted his best record of 5.5 percent strikeouts and 11 percent walkouts, and he has demonstrated high-quality defensive skills as a center fielder. He will play as a center fielder with the best defense capability in San Francisco, where outfielders struggled to hit rock bottom last year. He has above-average mobility, range of defense, judgment on batting, and shoulders.” 온라인경마

In other words, the team immediately lost power in offense and defense in the Major League. Lee introduced Lee’s six-year forecast presented by ZiPS, a performance forecasting system developed by Dan Zimbroski, a baseball statistics expert.

It is similar to the debut season performance of Masataka Yoshida, a Japanese batter who joined the Boston Red Sox for five years and 90 million U.S. dollars. Yoshida recorded 0.289/0.338/0.445, 155 hits, 71 runs scored, 15 homers, 72 RBIs, OPS+109 and fWAR 0.6 in 537 at-bats this season. Lee Jung-hoo’s predictions for OPS+ and fWAR are higher.

In 2025, he was expected to hit 0.288, nine homers, 63 RBIs, 58 runs scored, OPS+113, and fWAR 2.6, while in 2027, when he has the right to opt out, he has a batting average of 0.281, nine homers, 62 RBIs, 58 runs scored, OPS+108, and fWAR 2.3. ZiPS predicted that he will hit more than 130 hits and consistently record bWAR in the mid two-point range while recording a batting average of 280 for six consecutive years.

“Based on such offensive productivity, ZiPS recommends Lee Jung-hoo’s value of 123 million U.S. dollars in six years. However, Lee agreed on the terms of opt-out four years after signing a six-year contract,” Longenhagen said. “You can opt-out after the end of the 29-year-old season. If you are confident about signing a contract that guarantees you more than 19 million dollars in annual salary you will receive during the last two years, you will be able to exercise opt-out and make a big hit.”

“Lee Jung-hoo is capable of exercising opt-out. If so, ZiPS evaluates the value of opt-out in four years as equal to $134 million.” In other words, the six-year $113 million (146.4 billion won) that includes the opt-out clause four seasons later is actually equivalent to six-year $134 million.

The estimate is based on the potential value increase function of Optout. Lee Jung-hoo’s contract means that the actual value is 21 million dollars higher than the nominal value.

The opt-out that Lee holds this time is something that could be counted as a “godly move” someday. Opt-out is not a clause that anyone can claim. It is a kind of player’s option, in which a player holds the sword to extend his contract. Yoshida also failed to include the opt-out while signing a five-year contract with the Boston Red Sox.

Born in August 1998, Lee will turn 26 next year. He can enter the FA market at the end of 2027, when he finishes his four-season career. It is a period during which Lee will continue his heyday. Although the amount of his annual salary for 2028 and 2029, which are in the fifth and sixth years of this contract, is not disclosed yet, he can opt out if he is confident of a contract that guarantees better treatment than that.

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