“2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Postseason” was held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul

Yokishi threw a 144km two-seam in a full count of three balls and two strikes at Alford’s at-bat with one out and one base, but referee Kwon Young-chul’s hand did not go up. Alford walked to first base with a walk.

Yokishi appealed regretfully to the referee and was handed the ball. There was a subtle war of nerves between starter Yokishi and referee Kwon Young-chul. Yokishi allowed Park Byung-ho and Kang Baek-ho to hit timely hits and allowed two runs. After that, he struck out Kim Min-hyuk and finished the top of the first inning.

From the second inning, he continued his good pitching without losing a point with his crisis management ability. In the top of the fifth inning, he caught Jang Sung-woo with a fly to center field and headed to the dugout. He expressed regret by raising his hands toward referee Kwon Myung-chul as he headed for the dugout. Then he raised his thumb.

Referee Kwon Myung-chul approached the Kiwoom dugout and talked to Yokishi through an interpreter. After communicating, referee Kwon Myung-chul tapped Yokishi on the shoulder, and Yokishi tapped referee with a glove. Referee Kwon Myung-chul and Yokishi are resolving misunderstandings through dialogue.

Kiwoom starter Yokishi also took the mound in the sixth inning and was replaced after handling Kang Baek-ho, Kim Min-hyuk, and Park Kyung-soo with infield grounder. Yokishi pitched well with six hits and two runs in six innings, but lost. 토토

KT starter Benjamin pitched well with five hits, nine strikeouts and no runs in seven innings, and Park Young-hyun pitched as a relief pitcher in the eighth inning to prevent Kiwoom’s pursuit with no runs. KT, which won 2-0, returned the game to square one with one win and one loss in the semi-playoff series. Meanwhile, KT will start Ko Young-pyo and Kiwoom will start the third round of the semi-playoff at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 19th.

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